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Dreamy holiday at real prices

Dreamy holiday at real prices
Now it is summer time. Everybody is fed up with working, going to school and struggling in traffic throughout the year. Now it is time to have a break. We know that you are thinking about having a good holiday.

Dreamy holiday at real prices

Now it is summer time. Everybody is fed up with working, going to school and struggling in traffic throughout the year. Now it is time to have a break. We know that you are thinking about having a good holiday.

Turkey is a holiday paradise with its natural and historical beauties: sand, sun, sea, history, good cuisine and entertainment; all awaiting tourists. Newspapers are full of holiday advertisements; most of them for expensive five star hotels and holiday villages.

“Where to go” is the ultimate question on your mind, but you do not want to spend a fortune over a week's holiday. If you are looking for a good and an economical holiday, then you should better read our special report on quality and cheap holiday alternatives on Turkey's coastline, including the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Marmara and the Black Sea regions. You will be sure to find a proper holiday paradise on the Turkish Riviera, befitting both your mind and pocket.

The Mediterranean Region

The points of attraction in the Mediterranean region are Antalya's Kaleiçi, Kur?unlu Waterfalls, Phaselis antique city, Termessos antique city, the Aspendos Theatre, Perge, Köprüçay Canyon, the shores of Kemer shores and the Konyaalt? Beach at Antalya. A safari in the Olympos National Park is also a relaxing way to spend your holiday.

Where to stay?

Ulus Otel / City center

Phone: (0242) 229 00 65Bed and breakfast: YTL 30.

Air conditioning, TV and hot water avaliable.

Mahper Hotel / City center

Phone: (0242) 229 03 13Bed and breakfast, including dinner: YTL 45.

Air conditioning, TV, hot water and a balcony available; 100 meters to Konyaalt? beach.

Keyif Pansiyon, Ç?ral?

Phone: (0242) 825 73 09

Bed and breakfast: YTL 70.

You can eat fish for YTL 10 in the Azur Restaurant next to the pension.

Nar Pansiyon, Olympos

Phone: (0242) 892 14 28

Bed and breakfast (dinner included): YTL 15 in tree houses and YTL 25 in stone houses.

There are regular shuttles to the beach. You can find trout fish and drink for YTL 10.

Beyaz Pansiyon, Alanya

Phone: (0242) 512 47 46

Bed and breakfast: YTL 25.

TV and hot water available; 10 meter to the sea. Lunch and dinner for YTL 5 in the Yenilmez Restaurant next door.

?evkibey Otel, Alanya

Phone: (0242) 514 20 79

Bed and breakfast: YTL 40 per person.

At the shore. A swimming pool, air conditioning, TV and minibar available.

Arkaç Otel, Manavgat

Phone: (0242) 742 39 83

Bed and breakfast: YTL 50.

Close to the beach. A swimming pool, air conditioning, TV and hot water available.

Hotel Belinda, Side

Phone: (0242) 756 92 00

All inclusive: YTL 80.

Swimming pool and sauna available; 300 meters to the sea.

The Aegean Region


The points of attraction at Ayval?k include Cunda Island, ?eytan Sofras? (The Devil's Banquet), Sar?msakl? Beach and T?marhane Island.

How to get there

Take the ?DO ferry from ?stanbul to Band?rma. It is a one-hour drive from Band?rma to Ayval?k via Susurluk, Bal?kesir and Havran.

Palmera Resort Otel

Phone: (0266) 324 22 17

Bed and breakfast: YTL 80.

Situated on the seaside. Balcony, air conditioning, TV, mini bar, mini cash box, hairdryer, swimming pool, beach and terrace bars are available.

Ali Gür Apart Otel

Phone: (0266) 324 60 70

Bed and breakfast: YTL 75.

Located at the Sar?msakl? Beach. Air conditioning, TV, kitchen, bathroom and a living room section available.


Splendid coves and a dream nightlife make Bodrum unique. Akyarlar Gümü?lük, Bitez and Gümbet are spots to worth seeing.

How to get Akyarlar and Bitez

From Bodrum to Akyarlar and Bitez regular minibus shuttles are in service 24-hour.

Arzum Pansiyon, Akyarlar

Phone: (0252) 393 63 86

Single room: YTL 20 per person.

Shower, bathroom, airconditioning and a common kitchen available; 150 meters to the sea.

Ceylan Pansiyon, Akyarlar

Phone: (0252) 393 60 99

Bed and breakfast: YTL 30 per person.

Airconditioning, bathroom, mini refrigerator available; 25 meters from the Meteor Cove.

Billur Pansiyon, Bitez

Phone: (0252) 363 78 49

Single room for two: YTL 40

Located in citrus fruits garden, 300 meters from the beach. All balconies have a sea view.

Makumba Hotels, Bitez

Phone: (0252) 363 80 14

Single room for one: YTL 55

Single room for three: YTL 95

Two swimming pools and airconditioning available; 60 meters from the beach.


Marmaris is a resort with several natural picnic areas outside the city center. For those who prefer a mobile vacation should try one of many camping sites. The blue voyages to ?çmeler, Kad?rga and the Fosforlu (an underwater cave) are worth trying. Beaches at the villages of Akyaka, Kumlubük and Turunç are less crowded than in the city center.

Gül Pansiyon

Phone: (0252) 412 37 54

Single room for one (breakfast included): YTL 20

TV and airconditioning in rooms; 30 meters from the shore. Alternative less expensive foods are in the area.

Palmiye Otel, Orhaniye Village

Phone: (0252) 487 11 34

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 30

Lunch or dinner for one: YTL 15

Located on the beach. Swimming pool, bathroom, shower and airconditioning available.

The Diplomat Hotel

Phone: (0252) 476 71 45

Bed and breakfast and dinner for one: YTL 42

The hotel is right next to the beach in the village Turunç, a 25-minute dolmu? ride away from Marmaris. Air conditioning, TV, mini bar and bathroom available.


A 29 kilometer long coastal line shelters magnificent virgin coves and a famous surfing center, Alaçat?. To all coves, boat tours available; diving tours also in your service. Beach parties, nightlife and festivals will make your day.

Adil Pansiyon

Phone: (0232) 712 95 91

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 25

A common kitchen and barbeque in the garden available; 250 meters from the town center. Close to a public beach.

Sahil Pansiyon

Phone: (0232) 712 69 34

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 25

Five minutes to the city center. Bathroom, airconditioning, TV and a common kitchen available.

Arzu Pansiyon&Apart

Phone: (0232) 712 70 03

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 20

Two minutes to the bazaar. Hot water, TV and airconditioning available 24/7.

Rainbow Otel

Phone: (0232) 712 82 95

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 70

A three-star hotel; 10 minutes to Çe?me. Airconditioning, Jakuzzi, TV and mini bar available.


This Aegean vacation spot has a 20 kilometer long beach. Ephesus antique city, the Virgin Mary, Miletos and the ?irince Village are worth seeing. The Bar Street is ideal for those looking for different kind of entertainment.

Mürsel Pansiyon

Phone: (0256) 622 06 71

Single room for one: YTL 20

A common kitchen is available, 150 meters from the shore. A YTL 7 fixed menu at the next door “pide” house.

Balc? Pansiyon

Phone: (0256) 614 14 10

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 20.

Airconditioning, TV and hot water available; 50 meters to the sea.


Fethiye as the pearl of the Mediterranean region shelters the Blue Lagoon (Ölü Deniz) and the Belcek?z. Holiday villages, hotels, pension and camping areas provide a wide range of options. Babada? and the Belcek?z, heavens for paragliders.

Grand Taner Hotel, Ölüdeniz

Phone: (0252) 617 01 22

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 30.

A swimming pool, children's playground, bar, parking lot, airconditioning, phone, shower, TV and balcony available; 12 kilometers to the city center.

Yalç?n Apart, Karg?

Phone: (0252) 623 95 58

Room, a village type of breakfast and dinner: YTL 40.

The rooms have shower, refrigerator and a small kitchen.

The Marmara Region

Provides ideal vacation deals with its cooler climate.


The ??neada Island is coastal town 260 kilometer outside ?stanbul. Explore serenity here. Fresh and plenty of fishes are for meals.

How to get there?

Berk and Görkey tourism agencies have buses to take you there. ?stanbul-Saray-Vize-Poyral?-Demirköy and ??neada route is most used. It takes about three hours to get there.

Muratcan Motel

Phone: (0288) 692 28 83 – 84

Bed and breakfast for two: YTL 50.

Nur Pansiyon

Phone: (0 288) 692 22 73

Single room for one: YTL 30


A?va is a typical peaceful fisherman's town located in the middle of Ye?ilçay and Göksu creeks. Seashore in the front, forests in the back.

How to get there?

Take Ümraniye-?ile route from ?stanbul. You will be in A?va 1.5 hours later. ?ile-A?va buses also available every hour at Üsküdar.

Motel Tahir

Phone: (0216) 721 80 12

Bed and breakfast (dinner included): YTL 65

Sayg?n Pansiyon

Phone: (0216) 721 85 06

Single room, bed and breakfast for one: YTL 30


Splendid nature, plenty of facilities. Try ice cream and a unique desert. Fish is the main dish.

Dedeo?lu Otel

Phone: (0286) 764 03 04

Half day pension: YTL 70

Situated on the skirts of the Mt Kaz. Airconditioning, TV, satellite, phone, mini bar, one swimming pool for adults and one for children, playground and tennis court are available.

Kad?rga Motel Otel

Phone: 0286 764 02 82

Half day pension: YTL 80

Balcony, airconditioning, TV, hair dryer, mini bar available in rooms.

The Av?a Island

Locals in ?stanbul prefer Av?a for sneak vacations.

Yarar Otel

Phone: (0266) 896 11 34

Half day pension: YTL 75, Open buffet in the morning and evening.

At the sea shore. Bathroom, phone and TV available.

Damla Pansiyon

Phone: (0266) 896 21 36

Bed and breakfast: YTL 20.

Hot water and refrigerator available; 50 meters to the sea.


Situated at the Kap?da? Peninsula. Enjoy early morning hours in Erdek while having Turkish pastry varieties, sipping well brewed Turkish tea and the view of the Zeytinli Island.

Otel Benan

Phone: (0266) 8475151

Half day pension: YTL 60

Airconditioning, balcony, mini bar and TV in rooms. A soccer field, a walking track, a disco, a swimming pool, a pool bar and an Internet café available in the hotel.

The Marmara Island

Mountaineering, hunting, fishing, diving and walking… what more do you need? Any kind of herbal teas plus ice cream are served in cafes. Variety of fishes, olives and olive oils are also available.

Mola Otel

Phone: (0266) 885 57 37

Bed and breakfast: YTL 39.

Five minutes to the dock. Hot water and balcony in rooms.

The Black Sea Region

The plateaus and shores here are ideal for people who enjoy vacationing in cooler climates. With its unique dishes, evergreen forests and cheerful people, the region is one of a kind.


A small town at the Black Sea, with breath-taking scenery. The Amasra Museum and the Çekiciler Bazaar are “must go” places. Fish, salad and drink cost you YTL 15. Do not forget to try yogurts.

Balkaya Pansiyon

Phone: (378) 315 14 34

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 25.

Ku?kayas? Pansiyon

Phone: (378) 315 25 76

Bed and breakfast for one: YTL 30.


Peaceful and clean coves, good quality hotels and seafood are available; three hour drive to ?stanbul. The Fak?ll? Cave is a must see.

Can Apart Pansiyon

Phone: (0380) 611 96 65

Room prices change from YTL 50, to 80 and to YTL 100.

Swimming pool and café available.

Tunç Pansiyon

Phone: (0380) 618 71 60

Single room YTL 20 (0-12 year children are free).

On the beach; a wide garden, hot water and TV available.

The River Çoruh

The Çoruh Basin is one of the natural richness in Turkey. The Valley forms the Western tip of the Caucasus ecological system. A 185 kilometer long Yusufeli-?spir rafting track, fresh spring waters in the Mescit Mountains are famous. Best season for rafting is June-September.

?htiyaro?lu Camping

Phone: (0 466) 824 40 86

Bed and breakfast: YTL 35.

Tent rental YTL 10 per day. Breakfast and meals YTL 5 per person.

Çamyuva Pansiyon, Yusufeli

Phone: (0 466) 832 20 01

Half day pension YTL 50

A bungalow for five: YTL 150

Lunch YTL 10

Breakfast YTL 5 (20 different local foods)

The Plateaus

Beautiful plateaus are situated in many different points of the Black Sea region.

Ku?puni, Ayder, Çaml?hem?in

Phone: (0464) 657 20 52

Bed and breakfast (dinner included): YTL 50.

Wooden rooms, local dishes are served here. Try a local dish called “m?hlama”.

F?rt?na Pansiyon, Çaml?hem?in

Phone: 0 464 653 31 11

Half day pension for one: YTL 45.

Full day pension for one: YTL 50.

Located on the way to the Sal and Pokut plateaus.

Source:Mustafa Sapmaz-Yasemin Yurtman-Eda ?mik-Baybora Ergül Tempo Magazine


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